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Ruben and Revive 


Ruben Pracas
Revive - a Tropfest film
Screening of Revive

Ruben Pracas is the second director who has really influenced my career to date.

I have worked with him on two occasions now and we have built up a good relationship.

After he noticed me during an audtion for a role in one of his short films (for which I was not successful), he called me up to play in a film advertisement for a fostering company, Wanslea. The Wanslea advert can be viewed on You Tube.

It was only a short appearance, but enough for Ruben to cast me as a young boy in his next film.

Remi in Wanslea ad
Remi in Wanslea ad
The story behind 'Revive' was created from the mind of Chae Ryan, a business student from Queensland and a long-time school friend of Ruben Pracas.

The two friends, with a talented group of local filmmakers, worked hard to realise their vision for this short film. Months of passion, organisation and creativity have been poured into this powerful film.

'Revive' was completed in October 2013 and was entered into the December Tropfest film competition. This is the world's biggest short (7-minute) film festival and is always built around a particular theme. The theme for December 2013 was 'Change', into which 'Revive' fitted perfectly.

'Revive' follows the story of a young businessman (played by the talented and very funny Brodie Masini) who walks to work each morning, dulled by the routine of his 9-to-5 job. That is, until he notices a pair of eyes watching him. After passing a sick boy (played by myself) in a window each day, he takes it upon himself to make the child’s day a little brighter. But what happens when the boy is no longer there?

After entering 'Revive' into Tropfest, we waited anxiously to see how it progressed.

We were surprised and elated when 'Revive' was chosen as one of the last-16 finalists. WA has a poor record at Tropfest, but 'Revive's' progress is going to be a big boost for WA filmmakers.

A long wait until December 8 then ensued. Ruben, Chae, Jess Black and others from the crew flew to Sydney to be present at the live Tropfest event.

After watching all of the 16 finalists, we learnt that 'Revive' had not received a top-3 award from the celebrity judges - disappointment, certainly, yet we felt proud that we'd been part of such an important group of filmmakers.

Undaunted, and sure of the quality of the film, we encouraged all our friends and contacts to vote for 'Revive' in the People's Choice Award. Then, on 12 December, we learnt that Revive had won the Tropfest People's Choice award - amazing, awesome, unbelievable, but true!

Revive has been shown in several festivals of film. This film recently (March 2015) has been given the the Audience Choice award at the Green Bay Film Festival in March 2015 (Wisconsin, U.S.A.). Not all festivals are successful,but this shows that Revive moves people in many ways.

You can follow its further progress on Facebook.

As well as it's first live public screening at Tropfest in Sydney on 8 December 2013, 'Revive' was also shown on big screens in Perth at the same time.

'Revive' has now been released on YouTube so that you can all enjoy this wonderful and moving film.

Remi in Revive

Remi in Revive

Remi in Revive